What do you want to have accomplished in 15 years?

What is your secret dream, the one you almost don’t dare to articulate because it seems so impossibly out of reach?

The answer is your Plan A, and it is the future you long for but don’t know how to create — and that's where the Office of 奖学金 and the McNair Scholars Program at St. 爱德华的 can help.

Excelling academically at a private university is no small feat. Yet students from St. 爱德华的 University stand out when they apply for prestigious scholarships, fellowships and graduate schools. These programs provide a unique inside look at a particular field or area of research — and an opportunity to earn an allowance for living expenses, study abroad or research.

罗纳德·E. McNair Scholars Program

For undergraduate students challenged by financial, social or other obstacles that may prevent them from pursuing doctoral degrees, 罗纳德·E. McNair Scholars Program opens up new opportunities. McNair Scholars at St. 爱德华的 have gone on to graduate studies at Stanford and Columbia universities, Harvard Divinity School and the University of Texas 健康 Science Center at Houston, 等. Students in the McNair Scholars Program show strong academic potential, a commitment to postgraduate study and a passion for rigorous research.

What are the benefits of the McNair Scholars Program?

  • Guidance from a faculty mentor who provides advice, research direction and an introduction into the academic profession
  • Presentation of your research at national conferences and in a St. 爱德华的 faculty blind-reviewed research journal
  • Individual assistance in preparing graduate school applications
  • Seminars that provide insights into being a graduate student and help get you ready for graduate studies
  • Fully funded GRE test preparation
  • 访问s to graduate schools
  • Application fee waivers from participating graduate schools

McNair Scholars may be eligible for Summer Research 实习, which include:

  • An eight-week stipend of up to $2,800
  • Paid room and board on campus
  • Three semester hours of tuition-free credit
  • An opportunity to present your research at the St. 爱德华的 University McNair Research Symposium


With opportunities ranging from teaching English abroad to conducting neuroscience research, high achieving students can explore their passions through fellowship programs offered by private foundations and government agencies. 奖学金 are available in a range of disciplines such as humanities, 自然科学, 数学, 法律, finance and many others.

St. 爱德华的 University can assist you with identifying and preparing applications for a variety of fellowships, 包括:

McNair Scholars Program Eligibility Requirements (PDF) 

名称: 安娜·戴维斯16岁
家乡: 麦金尼,德克萨斯
主要: 市场营销
目的地: 马来西亚


大二的时候, Davies took a global business course in Japan and became fascinated with the country’s aesthetics and design. And her junior year, Davies traveled to South Africa as part of the university’s Service Break Experience to work in a children’s home, where she often communicated with kids by drawing, storytelling and singing. “I realized I can use my eye for design to communicate in other cultures,” she says. Now she’s excited to travel to 马来西亚, an opportunity that will test her communication skills while also immersing her in the colors, textures and visual stimulation of Southeast Asian culture.