教学, Learning and Culture program adheres to high standards of academic excellence as it prepares caring, 道德教育工作者.

We focus on developing future educators who are well prepared to teach in culturally diverse schools or to serve youth and adults in other educative experiences. The program promotes excellence and accountability in teaching and learning within a framework of democracy and social justice. 教师 strive to model lifelong learning and the courage to take risks as well as foster critical and creative thinking in professional interactions with others. 


Our graduates go on to touch the lives of many others through strong content knowledge and something more closely related to the St. 爱德华的 mission of social justice. Angie Lux ('12) embodied the spirit of our program through her work as a 生物学 teacher at Del Valle High School. 勒克斯指出 "I love teaching science, but it’s not just about the subject. It’s about who you’re teaching and how you build relationships".  


Within our program, students may choose one of two paths to becoming a professional educator. For those interested in the role of classroom teacher, our Minor in 教师教育 is the ticket. For others who may wish to work within a related field, we offer a 辅修教育研究. Both minors include over 100 hours of internships and related field-work at public, 私人, and parochial schools and other education sites across the region. 同时, our university coursework is grounded in contemporary teaching strategy that provides an example for student-centered, inquiry-driven指令. 教师 in the program provide essential structure, feedback and guidance as students begin to make meaning and acquire skills and knowledge around the craft of teaching and learning.  


Program director and full professor kris 斯隆管理学院 began teaching at St. 2006年的爱德华家.  作为一名摇滚明星教育家, he has earned the respect and trust of colleagues and students alike through his work as the Director of the 社会正义 Living Learning 社区,  The recipient of the DeLayne Hudspeth Award for Excellence in Teaching, and as the director of multiple graduate degree programs here on the hilltop. As a former Peace corps volunteer, Dr. 斯隆管理学院 is also passionate about the value of international study and has led multiple study-abroad trips during his tenure here. 

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 Minor in 教师教育 with 7-12 Teacher Certification

This degree pathway is designed for students who intend to teach 生物学, 化学, 数学, 历史, or English at the secondary level in a middle or high school classroom in Texas.


This degree pathway is designed for students with an interest in education settings outside the K-12 classroom.




A transfer student is a high school graduate entering St. 爱德华的 from another institution of higher learning. A completed application for admission, a nonrefundable $50 application fee, and official transcripts showing all work attempted at other regionally accredited colleges and universities are required. (Credits will be accepted only from the postsecondary institutions listed on the application form and for which official transcripts have been submitted.) Please note that failure to disclose enrollment at a previous institution could result in dismissal from the university. Transfer applicants with fewer than 30 hours of college credit must submit an official high school transcript. The results of the SAT or ACT should also be submitted for students who have not completed both English Composition I and II from a U.S.- accredited institution of higher learning.  Please visit the transfer student advising webpage for more information.

新! 2021-2022 Noyce Teacher Scholarship for Science and Math 专业

这1美元.8M federal grant is designed to encourage science and math majors to begin their careers after college as public school teachers. 学生最高可获得40美元,000 in an academic scholarship if they agree to add a Minor in 教师教育 and teach for up to four years after graduation. Dr. 史蒂芬弗莱彻 directs this grant.


  • Science or Math 专业 with 45 hours of credit
  • 2.累积绩点75
  • Willingness to teach for up to 4 years in a high needs LEA after graduation.

Application deadlines for 2021-2022

Priority Fall deadline - September 15, 2021 with rolling acceptance until Dec 1 for Spring 2022 awards.  Spring 2022 priority deadline: April 15 with rolling acceptance until May 1 for Fall 2022 awards. 

看到 Noyce程序网站 如欲了解更多详情,请联络. 弗莱彻直接 stevenf@jammunewsline.com 浏览申请资料. 


St. 爱德华教育学院(SEE) is a student organization that provides friendship, encouragement and professional development to students pursuing education careers. 这个群体提供St。. 爱德华的 University with a pre-professional organization for undergraduate students in education who have yet to become teachers.

Bilingual Education Student Organization (BESO) works with the National Association for Bilingual Education and The Texas Association for Bilingual Education to promote bilingual and bi-cultural education on campus and in the Austin community.  BESO is a nationally recognized organization that is community-service oriented and supportive of the professional growth of its members. 

从圣. 爱德华去耶鲁

Amy Ontai completed her Honors degree in 生物学 with 7-12 teacher certification in 2017 and was offered an opportunity to attend Yale University for a graduate degree in Microbiology. Amy focused her undergraduate honors thesis at St. 爱德华和医生在一起. 史蒂芬弗莱彻 on how to effectively communicate science concepts to young adults. She created a series of videos called "Get fly with Ms. 来展示她的想法. Read more about her transition to graduate school here and check out one of her fun videos on physics concepts by clicking on the image. 



kris 斯隆管理学院 - program director and professor of education.

Dr. 斯隆教授文化方面的课程, 全球发展, 道德, 课程, 评估及教育政策. He has worked as a 课程 designer and has taught in the United States and abroad. He is the author of the book "Holding 学校 Accountable: A Handbook for Educators and 父母," numerous journal articles and book chapters on the ways 课程 policies influence the classroom practices of teachers and learning experiences of children, 尤其是有色人种的孩子.


steve fletcher - secondary educator and associate professor of secondary education. 

Dr. Fletcher taught middle and high school life science before completing his PhD in Curriculum and Instruction at UT Austin in 2006. His passion for understanding the workings of the natural world, keen interest in communities of practice, and firm commitment to social justice serve him well at St. 爱德华的 University, where he has taught both education and science courses. Dr. Fletcher has also been active in pursuing external funding opportunities, from 私人 foundations and the National Science Foundation. He has served as the principal investigator for two NSF Noyce Scholarship grants from 2008-2018 and continues to be active in teacher education research and service.